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obama is fucking done with all this bullshit in that last gif

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A child’s course in life should be determined not by the zip code she’s born in, but by the strength of her work ethic.
— 出典:President Obama (via firstfamily)

“Beyonce could not be a better role model for my girls,” he [Obama] said, according to a pool report. He added that he and Jay-Z have a lot in common.

“We both have daughters and our wives are more popular than we are. So, you know, we’ve got a little bond there. It’s hard but it’s okay.”


ZUMA: With regard to Obama’s legacy, I always avoid talking about legacies of people who are still there. OBAMA: Thank you.

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Obama’s one-liners during his speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner. 


President Obama named Denis McDonough to be his new Chief of Staff last week (after running down the Colonnade of the White House with McDonough’s adorable children). 



Whatever Obama, we still won the Great GIF-War of 2012.

Never forget.

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Our journey is not complete until our wives, our mothers, and daughters can earn a living equal to their efforts. Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law—for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well. Our journey is not complete until no citizen is forced to wait for hours to exercise the right to vote. Our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see America as a land of opportunity; until bright young students and engineers are enlisted in our workforce rather than expelled from our country. Our journey is not complete until all our children, from the streets of Detroit to the hills of Appalachia to the quiet lanes of Newtown, know that they are cared for, and cherished, and always safe from harm.
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President Obama, second inaugural address (via barackobama)

"then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well"

We do not believe that in this country, freedom is reserved for the lucky, or happiness for the few
— 出典:President Barack Obama (via firstfamily)